Forgive me for I have sinned, here is my confession:

“Wrongfully accused”

On one of my trips to Vegas I went with some of my friends which included guys and girls. We were drinking in the room prior to going out to a club. We were all getting ready and the outfits that the girls decided to wear made them look like total sluts. Three of the girls decided to go for a walk down the strip before going to the club. One of my guy friends went along with them. The girls were standing on the corner when approached by the police. The police were asking them all kinds of questions. My guy friend that was with the them asked the cop “whats the problem” and the cop replied “are your their pimp? My friend was much older then the girls and had grayish hair and apparently the cops thought that our female friends were hookers, and that my friend was their pimp. The girls thought the cops were joking and started to walk away. The cops told them to stop and that it is not a joke. Once they showed the police their IDs and after a lot of coaxing, the cops finally let them go. We were about to get in the cab and leave when the girls and my buddy showed up. I asked them where the hell they have been all this time. They told me the story and after I was done cracking up, I told them “well what did you expect when you look like a bunch of whores”. They got so mad and embarrassed and told us that they will go change and would meet us at the club and stormed off. Two hours later they finally got to the club and when I saw them I asked “did you even change, you actually look worse”. They didn’t say a word and instead they gave me the look of death. Vegas Baby, Vegas!