Forgive me for I have sinned, here is my confession:

“Where’s Peela???”

Me and a bunch of the guys arrived at the New York New York hotel and after checking in we started drinking heavily. We decided to take a walk down the strip and drink some more. Some of us ended splitting up and when we returned to the hotel late that night we noticed that one of our friends didn’t come back. We figured he went to gamble. Another day of partying and still no sign of our friend. Night came and we started to walk down the strip to one of the clubs. We happened to glance into a random casino and saw this guy face down on the bar. Wait a minute is that Peela???  Sure enough it was our friend, the bartender was like thank god you guys came he’s been drinking here all day and passed out on the bar. We grabbed our friend and he stumbled along behind us to the club. He said he couldn’t find his way back to the hotel so he’s just been wandering around drinking and gambling for like a day and a half. As we were just about getting to the club we turned around and he was gone. We have lost him again! After a long night of clubbing and some good needed sleep our buddy finally showed up in the afternoon looking like hammered shit. He was missing for over 2 days and still wearing the same clothes from the plane. Vegas Baby, Vegas!