Welcome to the official LasVegasSinners.com

Hello Las Vegas fanatics!!!!

Anytime the word “Vegas” is mentioned in a conversation, everyone always seems to have the most devilish grin on their face as they mockingly say “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”. The concept of the website was to join in on the conversation with an even bigger devilish grin as we mockingly add “well, NOT ANYMORE!!!” 🙂

Everyone and anyone who has ever been to Las Vegas always has some kind of story to tell – and if you don’t then you must have had too many drinks at the airport and by mistake got on the wrong flight and ended up at a different destination! If you want action, chaos, debauchery, and 24/7 entertainment, there is only one place to go – LAS VEGAS, aka SIN CITY!

Las Vegas truly is the city that never sleeps, and with all of its bright lights it might as well be daytime anyway, as you wouldn’t know the difference! The atmosphere in Vegas is intoxicating in itself, and it has become everyone’s most desirable guilty pleasure getaway, where visitors can let their alter egos come to life.

For those of you who have had the amazing opportunity to visit Sin City, you most definitely have a confession to make that typically would tend to be outrageous, scandalous, or hilarious – yet NEVER boring! The purpose of the website is to allow those who love visiting Las Vegas the chance to ANONYMOUSLY confess their sins and share with others by reliving and recapturing their untold stories, dirty secrets, memorable moments, hilarious shenanigans, and unforgettable SEX-periences while visiting Sin City!


Las Vegas Sinners 🙂