Forgive me for I have sinned, here is my confession:

“Unexpected Happening (Part I)”

My wife and I were in Vegas last summer and stayed at The Hotel. We are in our late 40’s we like to hit Vegas about 4-5 time a year. Anyway, we always take our Bose player because you cant always count on the hotel having a working dock system. So we were listening to our music for a while before hitting the casino. When we got back to the room there was a note on our door that said, “We love your music. We are directly across the hall and would like to invite you to a party in our room.”. My wife, Annie, who is your typical conservative school teacher was at a loss for words. I said do you want to go and she immediately said, “No way.” She was obviously thinking that this was some sort of invitation to swing. I said no problem, but I am curious and want to decline the invite in person. She said go ahead and went into our room. As I got to the their door I could hear music along with lots of talking and laughing. I knocked on the doors and it was answered by a gentleman who I assumed was the user of the room. I showed him the note they left and said thanks for the invitation but we were going to decline. But while the door was open I noticed that about 20-25 people were in there looking like they were having a good time, not looking at all like a swingers party.

So I went back to hour room and Annie was imbibing another drink and feeling a little bubbly. I told her that it was not a swingers party but a regular get together. I asked her once more if she would like to go and she paused before saying okay. We went to the party (which happened to be in a large suite just like ours) and started drinking and having a good time. We were there for about 2 1/2 hours and getting quite lit….but not falling down drunk (bad hangovers in Vegas are a bitch). There were only a few people left after midnight and I had been talking with lots of people in the room until then, virtually ignoring Annie. I looked around and saw my wife speaking with the gentlemen who invited us (Jack) along with his wife, Cheryl. Cheryl came up to me and said I better watch out because her husband was….”sweet on your wife…”. She winked and said she was kidding. I laughed. Annie and Jack kept conversing with each other when Jack got up and moved to the sofa on which she was sitting. He put his hand on her leg as they spoke and she gently pushed his hand from her leg. Jack got the message. Another hour goes by and Annie and Jack were still talking and laughing. Evidently he was a funny guy. Annie’s eyes were getting glassy.