Forgive me for I have sinned, here is my confession:

“Unexpected Happening (Part II)”

I noticed that the booze had run dry and Cheryl gave me $100.00 to go down and buy some more at the liquor store in the hotel. I said I would but that she could keep the money as a thank-you for a nice evening. When I caught a glimpse of Jack and my wife talking, this time with his hand on her knee….and Annie was letting it remain there.

I was gone about 25 minutes. When I returned, I opened the door (Cheryl had given me their room key) and noticed that Cheryl was the only one left in the living room of the suite. The room was a bit darker and much quieter then when I left. Seems the partiers left. I asked Cheryl if my wife had gone back to the room and she said no. I was puzzled when I saw her nod toward the bedroom door that was closed. I put down the booze and swallowed hard. I got to the door and slowly opened it and saw that it was nearly dark with only a dimmed light casting from the master bath. My gaze wandered over to the bed and I nearly fainted. There was Jack and Annie naked on the bed with Jack on top of her, his hips pistoning up and down. Annie legs were high in the air spread in a wide “V” taking every thrust while undulating her hips to meet his thrusts. For the first time in our married life, my heretofore faithful wife was getting royally fucked by another man and I was witnessing it. She was really into it with her legs flailing in the air. He started going faster and Annie cried out ..”oh my”…and came. He did the same. When it was over, Annie saw me standing there (I had masturbated while watching them) half naked when she started to cry. Cheryl came in and offered words of comfort to her while Jack jumped into the shower. She told us that Jack is very good at seducing women and that shy Annie presented a challenge to him. She said that he really like her and it was what they had in mind when they put the note on our door. She said that she enjoys watching her husband with other women. When we left, Cheryl put something in my hand.

We got to our room and Annie was broken hearted about the whole scene. It was a first for her (and me too). She felt very guilty. I told her I loved her very much and actually enjoyed watching her. As time went by, she began to accept what happened but said don’t expect it again. And nothing like that has happened since. The item that Cheryl placed in my hand was a memory stick….the whole thing had been taped. Even though she has been a good girl since, we both have enjoyed tremendous sex while watching that video. Vegas Baby, Vegas!