Forgive me for I have sinned, here is my confession:

“Toronto Couple”

We have always enjoyed Vegas, we have come many times to let loose and have fun. It’s a bit intimidating at times coming from normal family lives and careers, but once you get that everyone is there for fun, it’s easier to relax and have fun. We are an early 40’s married couple, mixed (asian/white) that enjoy swinging especially when we travel. We have enjoyed many aspects of Vegas in this regard, from meeting single men and couples on craigslist to enjoying good times at the swingers clubs when in Vegas.

Most recently, we decided to see if we (meaning she) could find partners at our local hotel (major chain hotel on strip) as opposed to the normal swing/play routes. After a nice night of dinner and shows, and after we spent a great deal of time picking out the right clothes (short skirt, right panties right grooming..etc) we hit the local casino/bar. We spend some time together, but eventually split up, she stayed at the bar and I went to the casino. She wanted to try the pick up scene, and although she was hit on quite a bit and was quite excited to be, it took some time to find the right partner, someone fun, good looking, young etc. My wife, June actually struck up an exciting flirty conversation with a younger late 20’s guy from LA and after a while it included his friend. As soon as they learned that she was ‘game’ they began upping their game and started to cross boundaries. June loved it…and really got into it as well, letting the conversation go where it should (n’t) and allowed them to get touchy with her to show she was committed to this.

After not very long she got the offer to go to their hotel room, which she was ok with, but she checked with me discretely and gave me the room number and names and said she would be back shortly or not. Apparently, as soon as they got into the elevator they were all over her and barely made it to the room. According to June it was one of the best sexual experiences she has ever had. She felt totally very hot despite being used (the asian hot wife thing went over very well and she played the part_ and even agreed to meet with them the next night.) It was very exciting for us and an amazing experience that we would love to share but just not with our friends. Vegas Baby, Vegas!