Forgive me for I have sinned, here is my confession:

“To flush or not to flush – that is the question!”

On one of my trips to Vegas I was sharing a hotel room with three of my guy friends. It was quick to figure out that it would take me the longest to get ready since I had to blow-dry my hair, do my makeup and change at least 5 times – so out of the four of us I showered first. On the second night of our trip I went into the bathroom to shower, but prior to jumping in I took a poop. What I usually do at home is I go to the bathroom, I hop in the shower, and after I get out of the shower is when I actually flush the toilet. Do not ask why I do this – it’s a strange habit of mine. Except this time when I got out of the shower I completely forgot to flush since the toilet seat was down and all my clothes were on top. Plus the guys were rushing me banging on the door. I grabbed all my stuff and left the bathroom as one of my friends walked in right after so that he can shower. A few minutes later he comes out of the bathroom, looks at me with this serious face and says “Honey, you gotta flush”. I was so fucking mortified that I was speechless. At that moment getting myself all done up for the night was pretty pointless. My sex appeal went down the toilet the instant my friend had to flush for me! Vegas Baby, Vegas!