Forgive me for I have sinned, here is my confession:

“The old switcharoo!”

On our yearly trip to Vegas me and the boys were staying at the Palms. We hit it off with a group of girls at the pool from California and after drinking one of the nights a few of us decided to go with a few of the girls to one of our favorite late night places Drais. It was great as we danced and drank the night away! My buddy and I were hooking up with two of the Cali girls so we decided to go back to our room. It was almost light out by the time we left Drais. I took one bed and my buddy the other and these girls weren’t shy at all. After only a few minutes of making out we were fucking. We were going at it for awhile then while getting more condoms in the bathroom me and my buddy decided to switch girls since the curtain was drawn and it was pretty dark. It was a success and they never noticed!!! The  one girl I was with kept  saying how much harder and bigger I seemed. She was joking the next day asking me whether I took some sort of an enhancement  pill in the bathroom. To this day I always break my boys balls that I am much bigger then him. Vegas Baby, Vegas!