Forgive me for I have sinned, here is my confession:

“Taxi Cab Flash”

Just got back from Las Vegas with my girlfriend and just found this website looking up crazy shit that happens in Las Vegas. Thought I would share. After a night out with my girlfriend we got into a cab about 2 in the morning to take us back to our hotel. We were both a little tipsy but still feeling good. When we pulled up to a stop light two girls in another cab decided to flash us their breasts. They were obviously laughing and having a good time. Well my girlfriend, who by the way is a little shy and not really flashy even though she has a great body from being runner, decided what the hell this Vegas and pulled her dress top down revealing her breasts to them. The cab driver whom I don’t think spoke English or very poor English just smiled and kept driving but was watching in the rear view mirror. The next time we came to stop light she flashed a couple of guys in their car and got a thumbs up. When we started going again I told her that what she did was hot and I couldn’t wait to get back to our hotel. So, we started making out with her top still down, I put my hand under her dress and started rubbing her through her panties when she stopped me, lifted up her ass and took her panties off. All this in a cab! She then had her heels pressed on the back of the front seat, legs spread and she decided to masturbate for me. This would NEVER happen back home in our 2 years of dating! I LOVE VEGAS! Unfortunately we pulled up to the Hotel rather quickly. When we got out she pulled her skirt down but kind of forgot about her breasts peeking out and when she stepped out everybody started hootin’ hollerin’ at her, some guys were even clapping. It was awesome, she was embarrassed but got over it very quickly when we got back to our hotel room. I can’t wait to go back! Vegas Baby, Vegas!