Forgive me for I have sinned, here is my confession:

“Stripper abuse”

Me and the guys went to Vegas for our friend’s bachelor party. There were fourteen of us staying in a huge suite at New York New York. Upon checking in that Friday morning, we decided to get strippers for the night and have a party in the room. We stocked the room with food and plenty of liquor and got two strippers to come at night. They were late getting there so we were all wasted by the time they arrived. They were pretty lame and refused to strip out of there bras and panties unless we gave them more money. That was  a bunch of bullshit we already paid them a ton of money. My buddies were even more hammered now and began to curse and throw food at them. I even flung a few slices of salami at them and it stuck to their asses. They started yelling and cursing back at us that they were gonna leave. I grabbed a bottle of champagne and started shaking it up, some of my buddies grabbed the other bottles and began shaking them also. Mine was still corked so I fired the cork and it hit one of the strippers right in one of her giant fake boobs while champagne was spraying all over them. They were yelling at the top of their lungs and started punching me. My buddies came to my rescue by spraying the crap out of them with about seven more bottles of champagne and soda while the rest of us hurled pizza, chips, and dips at them. They ran for the door terrified screaming and yelling as I shouted at them “You wanna leave then get the fuck out here skanks!!!” We were all cheering and laughing as they ran down the hall screaming, completely drenched and covered with food. One of the girls still had a piece of salami hanging off her ass! Vegas Baby, Vegas!