Forgive me for I have sinned, here is my confession:

“Strip Club Luck”

This is just one of many — I happened to walk into OG the same time as a group of guys and a couple of girls that were together entered. I started to talking to one of the girls and learned it was a company taking clients out. Since they were getting a private area with bottle service, I decided to join them — acting like I was one of the clients. Next thing I know, I’m sitting there with two gorgeous strippers on either side of me — one was brunette, the other blonde. Anyway, the guy with the credit card mentioned he was paying for everything. So several of us made our way to the private rooms for private dances. Before long, I’ve got the brunette standing up grinding her pussy and ass in my face while the blonde is on my lap riding my cock with her tits pushing against my chest — and my hands squeezing her ass.
It was confusion in the back with the guy paying for the dances – -I just added my name to the list and quietly made my exit. Before I left though, I discreetly asked the manager what the tab was as at the time — more than $21,000. What a night — drank some great liquor, fucked two girls on someone elses dime! Vegas Baby, Vegas!