Forgive me for I have sinned, here is my confession:

“Sloppy seconds”

Me and the boys went to Vegas for Memorial Day weekend and we were staying at the Palms. We went to their pool party on Friday called “Ditch Fridays”. After a few drinks we were ready to to try and pick up some girls. The girls we picked up weren’t the hottest but  we didn’t care. What would the chances be that we would ever see them again?  I was making out with one of the girls in the pool and after awhile she was grabbing my dick under the water – that’s when I knew she was ready to go. We went back to my room and almost immediately started fucking. After awhile I couldn’t  even finish because I was so drunk and I slowly started to lose interest. I took a break and went into the bathroom to take a dump. As I was sitting on the throne I heard someone come into the room, a bit of chit chat followed by silence and then some moaning. When I came out of the bathroom and went to see what was going on, I found my buddy  fucking my girl on the bed. All I said was “what a fucking slut!” and walked out of the room. I was glad that my buddy had a chance to have my sloppy seconds. I went back to the pool to find another chick and I did – but that’s another story! Vegas Baby, Vegas!