• My friend’s grandfather who is 82 years old was in Vegas at the Golden Nugget playing the same nickel slot machine for hours. After a very long time he finally hit one of the progressive jackpots. As the bells were going off he looked up and said “Oh boy i just won 950 bucks”. One of the attendants soon came by and said “wow congratulations sir let me get someone to help you”. About twenty minutes later he came back with the pit boss and he congratulated him but said... more

  • So I landed in Vegas for work and immediately hit the half priced martini’s at the hotel bar. By the time my boss arrived I was pretty wasted. I tried to play it cool until dinner, but unfortunately the booze got the best of me and I ended up passing out right at the dinner table. When I woke up from my power nap everyone left me there like a jackass! I ended up meeting up with my friend and we decided to hit Bada Bing and that’s where things... more

  • So the Rehab party is coming to an end and my friends and I all end up scattering and doing our own thing. It’s around 7 pm, we are all there except for one, lets call him “The Situation”. We all thought he is probably getting laid since the last time we saw him he was talking to some girl and whipping his dick out at the pool. We headed to our room to take a nap before getting ready to go out at night. My phone started ringing at... more

  • It was Labor Day Weekend 2009 and me and my friends were at Tao Beach. Everyone was in the pool hitting that stupid beach ball around and one of my buddies whacked the ball with his massive hands and it smacked some hooker right in the face. We were all laughing as she swam over to us. At first we thought she was going to bitch and complain, but instead she started talking to us asking us where we are from and blah blah blah. Next thing I know she... more

  • Me and a bunch of the guys arrived at the New York New York hotel and after checking in we started drinking heavily. We decided to take a walk down the strip and drink some more. Some of us ended splitting up and when we returned to the hotel late that night we noticed that one of our friends didn’t come back. We figured he went to gamble. Another day of partying and still no sign of our friend. Night came and we started to walk down the strip to... more