My Confessions

  • I noticed that the booze had run dry and Cheryl gave me $100.00 to go down and buy some more at the liquor store in the hotel. I said I would but that she could keep the money as a thank-you for a nice evening. When I caught a glimpse of Jack and my wife talking, this time with his hand on her knee….and Annie was letting it remain there. I was gone about 25 minutes. When I returned, I opened the door (Cheryl had given me their room key)... more

  • My wife and I were in Vegas last summer and stayed at The Hotel. We are in our late 40’s we like to hit Vegas about 4-5 time a year. Anyway, we always take our Bose player because you cant always count on the hotel having a working dock system. So we were listening to our music for a while before hitting the casino. When we got back to the room there was a note on our door that said, “We love your music. We are directly across the hall... more

  • We have always enjoyed Vegas, we have come many times to let loose and have fun. It’s a bit intimidating at times coming from normal family lives and careers, but once you get that everyone is there for fun, it’s easier to relax and have fun. We are an early 40’s married couple, mixed (asian/white) that enjoy swinging especially when we travel. We have enjoyed many aspects of Vegas in this regard, from meeting single men and couples on craigslist to enjoying good times at the swingers clubs when in... more

  • Just got back from Las Vegas with my girlfriend and just found this website looking up crazy shit that happens in Las Vegas. Thought I would share. After a night out with my girlfriend we got into a cab about 2 in the morning to take us back to our hotel. We were both a little tipsy but still feeling good. When we pulled up to a stop light two girls in another cab decided to flash us their breasts. They were obviously laughing and having a good time. Well... more

  • This is just one of many — I happened to walk into OG the same time as a group of guys and a couple of girls that were together entered. I started to talking to one of the girls and learned it was a company taking clients out. Since they were getting a private area with bottle service, I decided to join them — acting like I was one of the clients. Next thing I know, I’m sitting there with two gorgeous strippers on either side of me — one... more