Forgive me for I have sinned, here is my confession:

“Little people in a big city”

Stayed at the Wynn and started the evening at oil wrestling across the street where my friend and I met two girls from the pitt. One was getting married and the husband-to-be was flying in the following day. A few drinks and all four of us walked back to the Wynn and hung out at a bar by the elavators and shoe shine room. We started pounding yager bombs and that’s when it got crazy. My friend left with the maid of honor and the bride and I went into the shoe shine room and had a quick fuck. Later we all met back up in our room and we took off to Pure. My friend and I lost the two girls and met a girl with a friend who was a little person. Needless to say I got booted from Pure and thankfully a taxi driver took pity on me and picked me up off the street. I got back to the Wynn, opened the door, and my buddy had this little person standing on a chair and pounding her from behind. I just laid down and couldn’t believe what was going on infront of me. Always a good time in Vegas. Vegas Baby, Vegas!