Forgive me for I have sinned, here is my confession:

“Jackpot mix up”

My friend’s grandfather who is 82 years old was in Vegas at the Golden Nugget playing the same nickel slot machine for hours. After a very long time he finally hit one of the progressive jackpots. As the bells were going off he looked up and said “Oh boy i just won 950 bucks”. One of the attendants soon came by and said “wow congratulations sir let me get someone to help you”. About twenty minutes later he came back with the pit boss and he congratulated him but said he would be back shortly with his boss. Another twenty minutes went by and they were back but the old man was getting impatient. They checked the machine and told him to wait just a little longer and that he would have to go with them to fill out some information. By now he was really annoyed and grew angry as he snapped at them “whats all the fuss for and what’s taking so long its just $950!” The pit boss then replied “Sir you didn’t win $950 you WON $950,000!” Vegas Baby, Vegas!