Forgive me for I have sinned, here is my confession:

“Cum covers”

It was Labor Day Weekend 2009 and me and my friends were at Tao Beach. Everyone was in the pool hitting that stupid beach ball around and one of my buddies whacked the ball with his massive hands and it smacked some hooker right in the face. We were all laughing as she swam over to us. At first we thought she was going to bitch and complain, but instead she started talking to us asking us where we are from and blah blah blah. Next thing I know she wraps her legs around and starts hooking up with me. The next day she meets me at Rehab and as we get drunk and do all the usual stupid shit I realize my buddies were missing in action and I had no idea where they went. So, I bring this butt ugly slut up to my room and just my luck “Harold & Kumar” are passed out in both beds. I took her into the shower where she cleaned me off by licking and sucking on every body part possible. I said to her “fuck this you need to get railed”, her response “but where are we gonna fuck?”. I grabbed a blanket and threw it on the bathroom floor and told her problem solved.  While my two friends were snoring I was pounding some salmon on the floor! I blasted my load onto her back and I wiped it off with the blanket we just fucked on. I decided since my friends can’t hang they can have the cum blanket. I gently placed the blanket on one of them as he was sleeping. A year later he still doesn’t know about it and he used that blanket for the next two days of our trip! Looks like I covered two people in cum that day! Vegas Baby, Vegas!