Confessions: Business

  • This is just one of many — I happened to walk into OG the same time as a group of guys and a couple of girls that were together entered. I started to talking to one of the girls and learned it was a company taking clients out. Since they were getting a private area with bottle service, I decided to join them — acting like I was one of the clients. Next thing I know, I’m sitting there with two gorgeous strippers on either side of me — one... more

  • I had a business trip/conference with some co-workers in Las Vegas at the end of the summer. Never being in Las Vegas before, I took my wife with me, she wouldn’t let me go alone. A few of the guys I went with went solo which was no big deal. It was fun going out with them watching them try and hook up, some successful and some not so much. One guy, I will call him Lucky, was doing alright. He was dancing with the girls having some fun, brought... more

  • So I landed in Vegas for work and immediately hit the half priced martini’s at the hotel bar. By the time my boss arrived I was pretty wasted. I tried to play it cool until dinner, but unfortunately the booze got the best of me and I ended up passing out right at the dinner table. When I woke up from my power nap everyone left me there like a jackass! I ended up meeting up with my friend and we decided to hit Bada Bing and that’s where things... more

  • You would think nothing gets better than a work trip to Vegas for a hair show with thousands of these crazy animals, but it does. Not only did this trip land on my birthday, but there was a snowboarding convention going on as well! Beautiful woman and dirty sexy men is always a recipe for a great time. After celebrating my birthday where the key word of the night was “shots”, I was feeling quite nice stumbling to the elevators. Vegas gave me a birthday gift and with my luck... more