Confessions: 1st Time

  • It was my first time in Vegas three years ago and we had a Cabana at Rehab. We had hookers come and go throughout the day. Towards the end of the day we had these two girls that were speaking Russian and were basically hooking up with all of as well as each other! Tits were popping out, nipples were getting pinches and asses were getting slapped. My friend and I ended up with these two mail ordered brides back up in the room and we each have one in... more

  • It was Saturday night and one of my guy friends insisted that we must go check out Studio 54. My girlfriend and I were open to anything, as it was our first time visiting Las Vegas. As the three of us arrived at the club, my attention was immediately drawn to the gorgeous male dancer sporting a bandana with a fedora hat and an amazing body. He was dancing like Michael Jackson on top of one of those one-person platforms in the middle of the dance floor, with countless girls... more

  • My first trip to Vegas my buddy and I stayed at a condo since his uncle had a time share and he let him use it. My friend’s cousin came up from LA and she brought one of her girlfriends along. Her girlfriend was Indian, 18 years old, thin and had huge tits. I was 25 at the time and all I could focus on were her enormous tits. We ended up having sex on the bathroom floor and it was the worst lay I ever had! Her body was... more