• Hello Las Vegas Sinners, At the beginning of this year’s football season – we asked our Facebook Fans to post on our Fan page the team they predict will win the 2011 Superbowl. THE PRIZE: The 1st person who posted the winning team will receive a $100 gift certificate to their favorite restaurant in Las Vegas! Here is a list of the contenders: Dominic Garley: Miami Dolphins Thomas Hancock: Indianapolis Colts Gavin Barba: Jacksonville Jaguars John Flores: Green Bay Packers Joshua Ashby: Minnesota Vikings Stu Rieger: New Orleans Saints Sal... more

  • Hello Las Vegas Sinners, Here is a quick write up we received by East Coast Gambler and unlike previous websites we plan to stick around 🙂   This is just the beginning so stay with us for the ride! Thanks, Las Vegas Sinners 🙂

  • The Vegas Shuffle are a couple of long time native guys “giving the real deal” on living in Las Vegas. Their podcast airs every Tuesdays and Fridays and can be found on iTunes or their website Every show is filled with brutal honesty and subtle humor. Anthony and Curtis, the hosts of the show,  do a rather interesting job interviewing strippers and call girls, you know the people that make Vegas, “Vegas!” All in all these guys aren’t playing with a full deck but it will soon be your... more

  • Hello Las Vegas fanatics!!!! Anytime the word “Vegas” is mentioned in a conversation, everyone always seems to have the most devilish grin on their face as they mockingly say “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”. The concept of the website was to join in on the conversation with an even bigger devilish grin as we mockingly add “well, NOT ANYMORE!!!” 🙂 Everyone and anyone who has ever been to Las Vegas always has some kind of story to tell – and if you don’t then you must have had... more