Forgive me for I have sinned, here is my confession:

“Are you out there snowboarder?”

You would think nothing gets better than a work trip to Vegas for a hair show with thousands of these crazy animals, but it does. Not only did this trip land on my birthday, but there was a snowboarding convention going on as well! Beautiful woman and dirty sexy men is always a recipe for a great time. After celebrating my birthday where the key word of the night was “shots”, I was feeling quite nice stumbling to the elevators. Vegas gave me a birthday gift and with my luck a sexy snowboarder hopped in the elevator. No names or questions, just me telling him to give me a birthday gift and come to my room. Within 5 minutes clothes were off and this snowboarder tackled the slopes and to my pleasant surprise planted his face in my pussy. This boy, no man, had me wetter than the shots that went down my throat earlier that night. With the mother of all “O” faces he popped up and wished me a happy birthday. Sadly my roommate arrived before I could see what other presents he had to offer. If you ever read this sexy snowboarder – thank you! Vegas Baby, Vegas!