Forgive me for I have sinned, here is my confession:

“Banana from the cabana”

My younger brother is a bit shy and socially awkward, so for his 21st Birthday in an attempt to corrupt him I organized a guy’s trip to Vegas. It was a group of eight of us and we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. On Sunday we decided to be big shots and rent a cabana at the Rehab pool party. The bottles of vodka kept on coming and my brother was drinking as if it were water. He ended up getting extremely wasted and slowly started to loosen up. Don’t get excited! By loosen up I am not implying that he attempted to talk to girls or even dare to hook up! Instead he thought it would be hilarious to start throwing fruit off the railing (I did warn you about his social skills!) He threw a banana as if it’s a fucking boomerang and it landed by the DJ’s booth on top of a speaker. Whenever any of us mention that day and reminisce about the hot girls we hooked up with, what my brother considers his highlight is the incident with the banana as he yells “The once ripe banana was black and rotten from the sun! Shit! I wonder if they ever got that banana down”. Vegas Baby, Vegas!